Environmental Management Policy


Environmental Management Policy


METALOUMIN’s current Environmental Management Policy constitutes Management’s commitment for constant and controlled company operation in which an environmental management system is applied, complied with the requirements of the ISO 14001: 2004 standard.

METALOUMIN S.A activates in the fields of design, production, coating and commerce of aluminium profile for architectural applications as well as in the manufacturing of aluminium mounting structures.

METALOUMIN S.A taking into consideration the principles of “Sustainable Development” applies and improves in a permanent base its Quality System regarding Environmental Management issues and places certain aims and objectives for dealing with:

  • the elimination of natural resources & energy consumption.
  • the prevention of environmental pollution.
  • the control of gas emissions and produced solid and liquid waste.
  • the design of operations with minimization criteria regarding consumption, reuse and recycling of raw materials.

More specifically, through its executives in charge, METALOUMIN S.A:

  • Focuses on the detection, evaluation and control of  Environmental Impact of

its productive and commercial activities, as well as, the products it promotes in the market.

  • Stay Up To Date in the Environmental Policy concerning its productive and commercial activities and determines procedures in order to comply with certain demands.
  • Establishes methods for measuring its environmental performance whenever is this feasible.
  • Determines a List of Environmental Aims and Objectives for directing and systematically watching the implementation of completed projects as well as the individual activities required for the improvement of its environmental performance.
  • Incorporates environmental raising concerns in the decision making procedure, according to Management Reviews.
  • Ensures working conditions suitable for the health and safety of personnel.
  • Establishes internal communication channels in the company so as the personnel be aware of the environmental issues and participate actively in the application of the Environmental System.
  • Ensures the communication with other interested parties so that a creative information exchange and cultivation of mutual trust relationships can exist.
  • Evaluates with environmental criteria the suppliers for raw materials, products and services and gives direction according to its available market options.

For the achievement of the above issues, METALOUMIN S.A is committed for ensuring the following:

  • Excellent organization of its operation.
  • Personnel with suitable education and skills according to their position requirements.
  • Suitable infrastructure and facilities.
  • Appropriate production/control equipment and transportation means.
  • Resources for the achievement of individual aims, that contribute in the realization of environmental and other objectives.

In order for these objectives to become feasible, Metaloumin SA ensures:

  • The compliance with national and European Policy.
  • The self-evaluation at regular time intervals, for the verification of the proper application of certain procedures, as well as the implementation of activities required for the constant improvement of company performance concerning Quality and Environmental issues.


 All METALOUMIN’s executives & personnel are familiar with and apply the current Environmental Management Policy.




Xanthi Georgousi

Chemical Engineer NTUA

Production Manager