Aluminium Mounting Systems Photovoltaic

METALOUMIN S.A. is considered to be one of the leading industries in aluminum extrusion in Greece and has been activated in Aluminum Extrusion since 1969.

We are mainly interested in the study, design and production of aluminum systems which are ready to come up to the needs of any kind of project (construction/support systems and other avant-garde products).

Our industry is export oriented; we distribute our products in U.K., Germany, Belgium, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Romania and South Africa as well. Our head-offices are located in Athens, while we maintain a subsidiary in South Africa.

The rising global interest in "green" sources of energy has led the highly qualified Research and Development Department to the introduction of an innovative system called ENERGIA. The whole project is about Fixed Aluminum Mounting Systems of Photovoltaic Panels and is available at three types: ground, flat-roof and roof with tiles installations. These support systems are capable of holding any type of panel and are conclusively produced in our industry, beginning with aluminum as raw material and resulting in a final product ready for prompt installation.

We have gained knowledge of your esteemed company and would welcome the perspective of our future co-operation both in your country of interest and in Greece. Our industry can furnish you with the mounting systems you already use or alternatively by our patented systems. ENERGIA Fixed Aluminum Mounting Systems are statistically certified by TÜV Hellas and have been designed according to Eurocodes 1 & 9. Our production process is certified with EN ISO 9001 TÜV CERT Austria and EN ISO 14001 standards.

There is a plethora of reasons which lead to the choice of our systems. The most noticeable one is our long-lasting experience in Aluminum Extrusion in combination with the remarkable know-how of our people. At the same time, the flexible adjustment of our systems in conjunction to their study and design by experienced Mechanical Engineers experts in trouble-solutions, leads to the optimum techno-economical solution and the most money-saving suggestion for the consumer.

Additionally, the production of our mounting systems in our plant in Greece contributes to the meeting of all dead-lines concerning delivery without any delay or lack in quality.

Our experience during all these years has taught us that the absolute satisfaction of our customers has to be our main goal and our greater commitment.