METALOUMIN SA is among the 1st aluminum extrusion industries in Greece established at 1969,   producing its own standardized series of domestic and industrial aluminium  profiles for doors & windows and special profiles tailor made to customer’s specifications (ladders, fixtures, green-houses etc).

With fully computerized design programs, cooperates perfectly with architectural offices for the study of each project, providing construction details and solutions for every application.
Operates a contemporary unit for anodized finish and electro static coating, ensuring best possible results in any anodization shading, RAL color or special wood effect.

The production process is certified with EN ISO 9001 TUV CERT Austria and EN ISO 14001 TUV CERT Austria standards.
With offices and factory situated in Athens, 5 km from Piraeus port can promptly distribute its products worldwide.

Since 2009, Metaloumin is also studying, producing and manufacturing mounting systems for photovoltaic applications in field, industrial roofs and domestic installations.
The patented mounting structures are applied to any kind of panel (crystalline, thin-film or bifacial), their production is vertically integrated and are accompanied with stainless steel (INOX) accessories of premium quality.

Metaloumin has completed works in excess of 480 MW in Greece and abroad, the majority of which in field and industrial roof projects.

Internal engineering department that studies the project specific requirements to provide the optimum technical and therefore most cost effective financial offer.

For mounting installations distancing less than 3km from the sea-shore, high quality anodization is provided for extra corrosion resistance.

Additionally, the company:

  • Manufactures anodized aluminium frames for photovoltaic and solar thermal panel manufacturers
  • Offers technical support and on-site training for custom applications.
  • Disposes preassembled kits of  3kW, 5kW and 10kW for flat or tiled roofs.

Systems conclusively studied and produced in Greece beginning with aluminum as raw material and resulting in a final ready-for-installation product Certified according to European standards.

Our presence

It is worth mentioning that the EVROPLUS aluminium systems of METALOUMIN have been used for the construction of the largest Olympic Projects in Athens. Furthermore, our products had been used for the construction of 1,750 (70%) of the 2.500 residences of the Olympic village.


Has been exporting in more than 26 countries, with projects ranging from Dubai industrial roofs to Chile fields in altitudes of 4.500m. Also, manufactures and installs off-grid photovoltaic structures with strong presence in several countries of sub-Saharan Africa.

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Metaloumin is among the first aluminium industries in Greece established in 1969, with strong presence abroad


The manufacturing processes abide by the requirements of the quality assurance system according to the standard EN ISO 9001


Experienced engineers of our company design innovative products and custom solutions depending to customers’ needs


Providing high quality pre and after sales services, leads to long standing partnerships


METALOUMIN responds to the market requirements and enriches its product range with new quality series, suggesting "investing in the real value of the product." The company's philosophy is summed up in the following: "Excellent price-quality ratio,Variety and Completeness , Acclaimed System, High Aesthetics, Simplicity of Construction, ease of Placement and Prompt Technical Support.”

Aluminium profiles produced in our company meet the needs of modern aluminium construction combining functionality with aesthetics.

Industry accreditations

METALOUMIN S.A. has established and applies a quality and environmental management system, which complies with the requirements of the standards ISO 9001: 20015 and ISO 14001: 20015 and has been certified by TUV AUSTRIA.